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Solutions to every demand - Find out more about our three product lines - RHEINZINK-CLASSIC, RHEINZINK-artCOLOR and RHEINZINK-prePATINA.


The History of Zinc

You are interested in the history of this material? Here you can find a short excerpt from an article about the history of zinc by Dr. Marianne Schönnenbeck and Frank Neumann.


Our material

  • Natural, maintenance-free
  • Rainwater seepage harmless to finishes
  • 100% recyclable – no downcycling
  • 95% recycling rate
  • Low primary energy demand
  • Environmental Product Declaration as per DIN ISO 14025, Type III
  • Environmental Management system as per ISO 14001
  • Protection from electrosmog
  • Social responsibility – Made in Germany

RHEINZINK is an alloy of electrolytically refined zinc with a 99.995% degree of purity and precisely defined parts of copper and titanium. The raw material is melted, cast and wound onto a steel sleeve in a single continuous operation. The quality of this material is uniform and flawless. These coils are then used for further processing as a universal source material to produce RHEINZINK's high-quality roof drainage programme, pre-fabricated parts for roofing applications and facade cladding including the necessary building profiles ...


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