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Growing demand for long-lasting and maintenance-free roofing and façade cladding has led to the extension of the partnership in South Africa between Safintra, a leader in providing world-class roofing systems, and RHEINZINK, the high quality zinc alloy.

Safintra roll-forms metal sheeting for the most innovative design demands and challenging structural requirements, offering a wide variety of profiles to suit the full spectrum of client needs.

The Safintra-RHEINZINK partnership in South Africa began with the supply of RHEINZINK coil to Safintra for its Classicorr corrugated roof sheeting. RHEINZINK, which is pure zinc, with defined additions of titanium and copper, has proved itself internationally as extremely corrosion resistant; it needs no paint or any other surface protection.

Since it is maintenance free and offers a life expectancy for generations as well as quick and easy installation, sales of Classicorr with RHEINZINK have recently increased markedly in line with greater appreciation of product qualities.

The partnership has now been extended to a second Safintra roofing system using RHEINZINK This is Saflok 410, a concealed fix roof system designed for use on roof surfaces with a pitch as low as three degrees. It has been successfully tested by the CSIR for wind loading.

The concealed or under-sheet fastening method ensures that the sheet is not punctured with fasteners, and has no end laps, ensuring a leak-proof weather surface.

The system uses a patented clip to affix the sheets to the purlins from the underside. The clip provides a positively interlocking interface at every side lap to ensure optimal wind resistance. And the design of the clip enables the sheet to move over it during thermal expansion and contraction, making it the ideal choice for industrial and commercial buildings.

Safintra systems in RHEINZINK are available nationally, allowing architects to satisfy the essential design considerations of durability, zero maintenance as well as energy use and sustainability both during the construction process and for life-cycle building costing.

As an alloy, RHEINZINK consists of 99.995 % high purity zinc and precisely defined amounts of copper and titanium and is not merely coated with zinc, as with galvanised steel. This allows for maximum structural integrity and an expected service life of 80-120 years.

RHEINZINK carries top German and European quality certificates and the environment certificate AUB based on LCA (life cycle analysis) as well as “Cradle to Cradle” certification which is offered by the Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency in co-operation with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute of San Francisco. The agency’s task is to improve the quality and usefulness of materials, products and services to make a positive impact through eco-effective design.

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