RHEINZINK Corrugated roofing material blends harmoniously into the Victorian architecture of South Africa


Corrugated roofing became widely used in many Commonwealth countries from the 1840s. After its invention by Henry Palmer, a British architect and engineer, it has become a key component in architecture, dating back to the Victorian era. Over the decades, technology has enhanced the desirable properties of corrugated roofing. This traditional, durable roofing system has been the choice, not only in the residential sector but also in both industrial and agricultural design.

The RHEINZINK-Corrugated Sheeting System is excellently suited to be used on historic architectural designs and it integrates perfectly into the Victorian-style architecture in South Africa.

The technological advances of the RHEINZINK-Corrugated Sheeting System material have led to a perfect, long-lasting, maintenance-free solution for every design in an innovative contemporary building material: RHEINZINK material - a high quality alloy consisting of 99.995 % high purity zinc and precisely defined amounts of copper and titanium and which requires little energy in production. Currently, the RHEINZINK material was recertified as an environmentally excellent building product. Furthermore, the RHEINZINK-Corrugated Sheeting System features excellent durable characteristics particularly when it comes to extreme weather conditions. It is extremely corrosion resistant even in marine environments due to its natural developed patina. For installers the material is easy and quick to clad on roof pitches. The Corrugated Sheeting System is the ideal choice for technical and economical advantages in addition to the visual benefit that makes RHEINZINK architecturally commendable.

The RHEINZINK Corrugated Sheeting System is locally fabricated by our Partner SAFINTRA, South Africa.

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