University of Cape Town – New Lecture Theatre


The design of UCT’s New Lecture Theatre, situated on the Universities Upper Campus, is informed by heritage principles relating to the evolution of the historic University Avenue. The curved 400-seater auditorium is designed for natural voice acoustics and houses state of the art multi-media audio-visual equipment.
RHEINZINK was the only material that could be utilised for the rounded building shape and sloping roof form as other more rigid materials were not suitable. Because of its malleable structure it was able to bend to fit the shape and also emphasise the diagonal roof structure.  
The building’s unique curved shape illustrates the versatility of what skilled craftsman can create using RHEINZINK material. With its natural weathering and patina this was the perfect material to reflect the heritage of the campus.
To complement the national availability of the RHEINZINK roofing, facade cladding and water drainage systems, the company’s South African office offers a comprehensive support service, including technical assistance on application technique and specifications for planners and installers.

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