Architectural Details / Parapet Cappings

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  • Accentuates the edges of buildings 

  • A design feature on canopies 

  • High aesthetic value 

  • Interesting combination of materials 

  • For renovation projects and new buildings 

  • Ensures the edges of roofs, chimney stacks, balcony parapets, canopies and gable claddings are maintenance-free

  • Suitable for all RHEINZINK-Facade Techniques such as the Angled Standing Seam, Tiles, SP-Line and all panel profiles

  • Wide scope for design 

  • Environmentally friendly building product

Design Features for Buildings

It is often the exposed plastered tops to gable walls, wall copings and parapets that fail. The cause of this is from high exposure to the elements allowing the ingress of moisture and damp causing the plaster to crack. Wall copings with RHEINZINK offer reliable protection. Thanks to proven fastening techniques, they can be installed efficiently and prevent the penetration of precipitation for decades. RHEINZINK-wall copings offer the economical solution.

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Flat roof edge and wall copings (product information)
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