Soziale Nachhaltigkeit: Wichtiger Bestandteil des CSR-Managements und für RHEINZINK selbtsverständlich. Wir pflegen Partnerschaften zu Kunden, Lieferanten und unseren eigenen Mitarbeitern.

Social Sustainability

We place the highest value on a partnership with our customers and suppliers and view our employees as our most important potential. They are not only rewarded in the context of collective bargaining agreements, but also have many opportunities to bring the requirements of everyday work in line with family needs. Their satisfaction is documented in the form of great personal commitment and a very low staff turnover.

We also consider our commitment to Germany as sustainability. For more than 45 years now, we have been loyal to our production in Datteln, on the edge of the Ruhr. Our products are offered and sold via branches and subsidiaries in 30 countries. We speak the language of our customers, manufacture according to customer needs and offer tailor-made service.

Our sustainable action reflects in the CSR Certificate (Corporate Social Responsibility) according to the international standard ISO 26000.

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