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RHEINZINK complements contemporary Western Cape home

Situated overlooking the beautiful Table Mountain range, Jane Visser Architects were inspired to design a house that fitted into a Cape context yet was also contemporary. Three materials were chosen in the architecture – stone, plastered masonry and RHEINZINK – to reduce the apparent scale of the house outside and to suggest the Cape tradition.
The client was keen to have a very low maintenance house utilising natural materials. RHEINZINK was the perfect roofing product with its versatility and longevity. They loved the modern and elegant detailing that it offered with its zinc colour which mellows as it ages, developing a beautiful patina. RHEINZINK was not only used on the roof but also on all the first floor external elevations.
Architect, Jane Visser praised the roofing subcontractors who demonstrated superb craftsmanship and skill in handcrafting this product. Every standing seam was carefully bent at the ends and the whole roof was finished with quality RHEINZINK gutters while the bespoke nature of the product allowed very neat and functional custom junctions and flashings – vital in the Cape with its wind driven rain.

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